San Diego Campus

Woodbury San Diego occupies a renovated warehouse in San Diego’s Barrio Logan district. Sited between downtown and the naval shipyards, the campus is a center of cultural and architectural activity in a diverse neighborhood populated by families, artists, and community leaders. Faculty and students play an active role in shaping the cultural and economic future of the area through events, workshops, and outreach. Because the school is in proximity to the Tijuana border, its programs address issues of contested landscapes, identity, and politics.

Members of the San Diego faculty have been instrumental in forming San Diego into the most progressive housing laboratory in the United States by advancing new strategies to redefine housing, design, policy, and development.

Specialized facilities include a library focused on architecture, urbanism, and development, as well as a wood/metal shop, and a digital fabrication lab. Students have 24-hour access to studios. Woodbury San Diego delivers the full complement of lower and upper division courses in architecture, and both lower and upper division General Education.


Resources and Facilities

Digital Fabrication Laboratory: Los Angeles-Burbank and San Diego

Both campuses feature digital fabrication laboratories. The Los Angeles–Burbank laboratory is equipped with a 3D printer (powder), a CNC milling table, and two laser cutters. The San Diego laboratory is equipped with a 3D printer (ABS plastic), a CNC milling table, and a laser cutter. The digital fabrication laboratories link students to advanced manufacturing and production technologies and encourage the visionary application of innovative modeling, prototyping, and representation techniques in the design process.

Woodbury University Hollywood Gallery (WUHO) 

WUHO is Woodbury University’s center for experimental exhibitions and multi-disciplinary collaborations. The gallery is shared with the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design. Located on the iconic Hollywood Walk-of-Fame, WUHO is a gallery, event space, and lecture venue.

Libraries: Los Angeles–Burbank and San Diego

The main library at the Los Angeles–Burbank campus provides students, faculty, and staff with access to more than 86,000 books, magazines, and journals in print and on DVD. The ever-growing San Diego library is home to 4,000 volumes. Both campuses subscribe to dozens of databases, including the Avery Index, ArtStore, and JStor, providing resources for full-text articles from over 26,000 periodicals and scholarly journals.

Material Library: Los Angeles–Burbank 

The School of Architecture’s materials library is a repository for traditional and emergent building materials. This hands-on collection of construction components, innovative finishes, and surfaces gives students immediate insight into the building process. The library also offers information on detailing, composition, manufacturing, fabrication, and resources for materials research and specification.

Wood and Metal Shops: Los Angeles–Burbank and San Diego

The wood and metal shops on both campuses instill an ethos of craft in the School of Architecture students. Shops are equipped with basic metal bending and welding capabilities and a wide range of carpentry, woodworking and tooling equipment. The shops maintain extensive operational hours for students to work and experiment in multiple materials.